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Where to start?

We have loads going on at City Church, below are examples of what can be found in every site. Please speak to your Site Pastor about more local socials, events and prayer meetings and community activities.

Small Groups

“When I started coming to City Church, small group was what really made me feel part of the church. I made such a great group of friends who all supported each other through the ups and downs of life. I had a heart condition at the time. Something the doctors said would never be cured. After Small Group prayed I have to date, 5 years later, never had an issue or further episode. Praise God!


“Small Group was a great way for me to get to know others better. It’s a friendly and laid back environment to have a cuppa and share life. I love that we worship together, study the Bible and enjoy the occasional curry! We seek God, pray for each other and are expectant for God to speak to us through the Bible, encouragement, pictures and prophecy. For me, it was a bonus to discover a group meeting on my street!


Small Groups are at the heart of City Church. We’re committed to being more than just a large group of people who gather on a Sunday and small groups are the best way to provide community as we grow in our relationships with God.

We have plenty of groups at different times and locations. Most groups meet weekly and have between 6 and 12 members. A typical session might involve catching up, looking at the Bible, prayer and worship, or finding practical ways of demonstrating God’s love for those around us by getting out into the community. Some groups enjoy organising social activities like weekends away or meals together.

For more information please contact our Small Groups Pastor at small.groups@citychurch.scot



M.A.D. – Making A Difference – is our Children’s ministry from age 9 months to 11 years (for under 9 months, each of our sites have a Parenting Lounge with audio feed of the main service)

Get in touch

If you have questions about our children’s ministry, then get in touch. We’d love to hear from you


Age Groups:

MAD Minis: 9 months – 4 years

MAD: P1 – P6

Potential: P7 – S2

It is our passion to see our kids engaged and growing in all that God has in store for them through an environment where every child can come to know God personally, experience His presence in worship, and learn how to meet the challenges of life with a passion for Jesus.

M.A.D. is designed to have the feel of Saturday morning kids TV – it’s action-packed, there are silly (and sometimes messy) games and fun panto-style sketches. However in M.A.D. whilst we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we take God very seriously. There is worship, Bible teaching and prayer, all of which encourages and equips our children to make a difference in their world.

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Encounter is the name of our youth ministry, it’s open to all at S1-S6 age and happens weekly on Tuesdays, 7-9pm. Our aim is to encounter Jesus and have as much fun as possible!

See our Info Booklet for details.

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To find out more info about what’s happening near you, you can chat to your Site Pastor, Encounter Site Leader or get in touch via email at


Social Media

Find us on Instagram or search for Encounter Aberdeen on Facebook.

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The reason we do what we do is summed up in one word… Encounter!  We want to create spaces where young people can meet with God, discover the love he has for them and be changed forever.

Every Tuesday night, youth across our sites meet together for Encounter. On the first Tuesday of every month, everyone gathers together at our Gilc Park site for “Encounter United”. We play some hilarious games, hear a short relevant talk and make space to worship and pray together.

We also want to see our young people impacting their local communities, so for the rest of the month on Tuesdays, we spread out across the sites and get into smaller gatherings for “Encounter Local” all across Aberdeen and the Shire.

Outside of Tuesday nights there’s lots you can get involved with; Friday socials, Sunday lunches, coffee shop hangouts, youth festivals… we’ve loads going on!



We as Ascent are committed to seeing student culture radically changed as we fearlessly share our faith by purposely inviting our friends to encounter God.

What to expect

Big Gatherings // Weekend Away

Small Groups // Alpha Courses

Club Mission // CAP Money Course

Get in touch

Contact us on students@citychurch.scot

Or click the social media links below.

Welcome to Ascent student community at City Church. We have lots of students all across the life of our church, from all stages and ages, and we would love to welcome you into our community. We are passionate about making people feel at home here, enabling you to find your unique place. Whether you have been a Christian for a while, are new to faith, or are figuring the whole Christianity thing out – there is a place for you.

We have lots to get involved in; handing out water bottles and sweets to people on a night out in town, running Alpha (a course to explore what Christianity is all about), or being part of one of our small groups that meet in peoples homes.

Our heart is that you come as you are, and join the incredible journey that we are on – getting to know Jesus more, sharing Him with our friends and stepping out into everything He has for us at this unique life stage of being a student.

We have seen so many amazing stories of students coming to faith, being healed, knowing God’s provision and seeing answered prayer. We know God is on the move in our campuses in Aberdeen and we invite you to be part of that adventure with us.

Social Transformation

Integrate Scotland

We have a big vision: to see Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire transformed, our communities made more inclusive and for people living in our communities who are marginalised, excluded or disadvantaged to have access to transformative, holistic care and support that sees them integrated, included, valued and thriving…

and we’re passionate about achieving it!

“Integrate helped me back into the community, back into my flat and gave me food when I had no money and no one else to support me. It also gave me work experience in the charity shop, preparing me for the future when I’m able to work. Without the emotional and practical support from Integrate, I would be back in prison”


There are many people in our communities who are disadvantaged, marginalised and isolated. As a church we are passionate about seeing Aberdeen and the Shire transformed and our communities becoming inclusive places where restoration takes place.

We want to play our part in this by generously loving and supporting those who need it by providing transformative holistic care that leaves the individual included, valued, integrated and thriving.

We have a catalogue of different ministries providing immediate help, longer term equipping ministries such as the CAP Money Course, and ministries providing spiritual support and opportunities for growth. All these ministries are run under the banner of Integrate, the vehicle by which we provide Social Transformation.

Missions : local and global

Missions Partners

We have Missions Partners in 10 countries all over the world and it’s our joy to support them with prayer, friendship and finance.

Did you know?

We give 15% of our income to our Missions Partners all over the world

...being and speaking good news to the world



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Hear about the heart behind giving and how you could invest

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How could you volunteer and get involved? Find out here

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